Friday, August 15, 2008



I have decided to start this blog to share some of the recipes that I have made for my family down though the years. I have spent a great deal of time in my kitchen over these many years. It is one of my favorite places to be. I love preparing , cooking and serving food to my family and friends.

I started a cooking blog sometime back but changed my mind. I had just got serious about trying to lose weight. I felt guilty giving out recipes that had helped to make me overweight. I have now realized that it is not the food per say. It is the way that I have used food in the past. There is nothing wrong with good food. Everyone just has to decide how much they can eat and stay healthy. I am a southern cook. I cook from scratch, recipes and make up some things that I cook. I can look at the ingredients in a recipe and tell pretty close if it is going to be good to eat. So I would add this warning most of these food are not for those who are watching calories although, I am going to try to add some of those kind of recipes also.

This first recipe is a very simple one and I am just trying it first because I am seeing how to work on this blog. This is quick and simple but my husband loves it and if I don't keep my eye on him, he will eat the whole pan of this dessert, himself.


2 boxes of Twinkies

3 boxes frozen sliced sweetened strawberries, thawed

1 --8 ounce carton cool whip

Take a 9X13 pan and lay twinkies into it one at a time, side by side. You will have a few left over.

Take a box of the frozen strawberries after they have thawed and stir to mix them well. Pour contents over the Twinkies. Repeat with the other two boxes of strawberries.

Now spoon the cool whip on top of strawberries and spread evenly. Cover pan and refrigerate until ready to eat. Delicious!!!


Connie Marie said...

I bet this is a hit with all the grandkids too besides your better half.

I just got done baking a cheese cake and cooking fresh blueberries to top it with!


Connie Marie, It is a great hit with all who have eaten it.

The cheese cake sounds delicious. Save me a piece. Have a very good weekend. connie